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Dave’s volunteer story – Volunteer Week 2017


Dave – Volunteer CT Passenger driver

Before working at CT Passenger services as a driver my life was quite mundane; I was bored, shy, quite depressed and unable to engage in conversation with others.

I originally began working at CT Passenger services as a part of a work placement scheme run through the job centre. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay on when the placement was finished.

Volunteering has helped me  feel useful and I have became more confident in the knowledge that my driving skills helps others get from A to B, as well as helps them remain independent and socialise with others.

The environment at CT Passenger services is very friendly and I enjoy the company of my colleagues. I’ve also been MIDAS trained and have increased my customer service skills. I would encourage others to volunteer here as I have really have had an excellent experience overall.


If you’re interested in volunteering, visit our volunteer page to find out more.

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